Web Developer

Do great work with great people.

At ​Still, we build websites and digital products. We are interested in moving businesses forward and creating things with a point of view on the world they exist in. As a team, we care about maintaining a spirit of respectful, open communication that enables collaboration and continuous learning. Our process is agile without clinging to a specific methodology, which facilitates growth and experimentation with projects.



You will mostly build websites, following processes and closely collaborating with designers and directors. You will be responsible to lead development and take on feedback from your fellow team members with a discerning view and strong desire for quality. You will also take responsibility for liaising with clients and on technical matters.



You are a forward-thinking, self-driven professional who can teach us something and who is constantly seeking growth. You are committed to the craft of writing code, have an interest in new technology and the culture around our projects, and fights for the quality of the final product. You recognize the importance of collaborating with your teammates. If you consider yourself a “rock star”, a “ninja” or are just an “I do things my way”-type person, we are probably not the right company for you.



  1. You demonstrate skills with at least two frontend languages or frameworks
  2. You have experience with at least one backend language or framework
  3. You can work independently and troubleshoot technical problems
  4. You have an ongoing commitment to improvement and​  aquire new skills
  5. You believe in the importance of semantic HTML​​ and CSS
  6. You take quality seriously, and this is reflected in your approach
  7. You value simple solutions to complex problems
  8. You can tolerate and adapt to changing requirements and situations
  9. You thrive in a remote setting as a team member and clear communicator
  10. You are an engaged, passionate and reliable when it comes to your work

If this sounds like a potential fit and you have 3+ years of experience writing code and building websites — please get in touch.

We request an email with a brief introduction, resume and a link to your portfolio and/or recent projects. Thank you.

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