We work with businesses big and small that strive to make a difference for their customers. Our ambition is to truly push a business forward with functional, beautiful design solutions online and offline.


What we offer

Brand Strategy
Brand Tone & Voice
Visual Identity System
Print Design
Packaging Design

Creative Direction
Web Design
Front & Backend Development
Environmental Design


How we work

  • A deep understanding of the cultural context of our work
  • Work agile, without clinging to a specific process
  • Integrated teams of senior designers and developers
  • Focus on the essence, build and ship fast, learn from data

What we believe in

  1. Passion and persistence 
  2. Attitude and open discussion
  3. Obsessing over the right details

Still approaches each project with a focus on quality, clarity, and authenticity.

By extracting a brand’s unique DNA, we grant it freedom of expression. We transform business objectives into memorable voices. We translate entrepreneurial visions into tangible brand experiences. Using new strategies and technologies, we provide our clients with the vision to build and expand their brand narratives in a way that feels both resonate and unique.

Based in North Carolina, Still is led by creative director Chris Reynolds. They are supported by a diverse and eclectic team with experience in the creative, technological, strategic, and management fields. From branding to design, fine art to fashion, our combined interests and expertise allows us to create meaningful, thought-provoking work for clients that refuse to blend in.


Founded by Chris Reynolds

Heading design at Still, Chris combines a background in brand development with an obsessive interest in how digital products can provide value to a community. With 15+ years in design and tech, he’s led interdisciplinary teams for projects from editorial to e-commerce. Chris has vast experience in designing and building things for the web. A trained designer with a maker mindset, his focus is on solving actual business problems and impacting organisations from within.


Let's start your project.

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